JNI Problem

Alexandre Oliva oliva at lsd.ic.unicamp.br
Fri Sep 15 13:31:23 PDT 2000

On Sep 14, 2000, "Prashant Patel" <pmpatel at trinetcommunication.com> wrote:

>    gcc -c -fPIC Hello.c -o Hello.o
>    ld -shared -o libHello.so Hello.o

The notion of shared library extension varies from system to system.
Also, in some cases, shared libraries have to be linked with libgcc in
order to get some C support functions.  These are two potential
problem spots, that you're saved from if you use libtool to create
your shared libraries.

However, since you don't, check that libltdl is using the correct
shared library extension (look for LTDL_SHLIB_EXT in libltdl/config.h,
in the build tree) and try to use GCC for linking.

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