J.RyosIII ryos at atom-tc.or.jp
Sun Sep 17 06:59:23 PDT 2000

Hello kaffe people.

> Hello!
> 	I'm a fresh to kaffe.
> 	First,I want to ask the following question:
> 	1.Have kaffe been ported to embeded system?
> 	2.If been,then Can It display graphics in the embeded envirment?
> Best regards!
> 		yours Tianchin
>             tianchin at 263.net
I ported kaffe-1.0.5 to eCos/SH4.
but it's no awt and no file system.
now I am porting kaffe-1.0.6 to eCos.
it will be supported file system.( but no awt )
please check below

thank you.
ryos at atom-tc.or.jp

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