Roy Wilson designrw at bellatlantic.net
Sun Sep 17 12:55:00 PDT 2000

	Dumb question #57 :-).
	I've had a desire to try to run Kaffe and a Java development system on 
my old MIPS MobilePro 700 (which has a MIPS 410X processor) running 
WINCE. At the time I checked into this, it looked like it would be easier 
to run Kaffe on top of NetBSD, but I decided to focus on Linux. 
	I wonder if anyone has an opinion about whether PocketLinux is more 
likely to provide an easier/quicker path than the LinuxVR project to 
getting Kaffe running on my old (but upgraded to 32MB RAM plus a 96MB 
SANDISK FlashCard!) MIPS machine. I didn't know enough to intelligently  
follow the LinuxVR documentation for setting up a REDHAT to MIPSEL 
cross-compilation environment. Doh!

Roy Wilson
designrw at bellatlantic.net

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On 9/17/00, 1:13:45 PM, "Edouard G. Parmelan" <egp at free.fr> wrote regarding 
Re: emjava:

> Ìì³Î wrote:

> >     First,I want to ask the following question:
> >     1.Have kaffe been ported to embeded system?
> >     2.If been,then Can It display graphics in the embeded envirment?

> Yes, see PocketLinux http://pocketlinux.com.  It's a Linux kernel and
> Kaffe for PDA.
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> Edouard G. Parmelan
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