some regression test of kaffe 1.0.6 failed on linux

Fang Wei Jian wjfang at
Thu Sep 21 07:57:41 PDT 2000

Hi Ross,

I re-did the regression test. The system was not busy, cpu idle time is
86.7% and 97.1%. But failed, too. In fact, it doesn't fail,
however, it is blocked, for tens of minutes. so i have to stop its
execution. All you mentioned tests passed except

I browsed the source code of Because of the
synchronization, there is no evidence to support preemptive scheduling.

Fang Wei Jian 

"Patterson, Ross" wrote:
> Fang Wei Jian mailto:wjfang at writes:
> >         To my surprise, some of the regression test failed, including
> >
> is one of several Kaffe regression tests ) that have built-in
> timeouts (2 seconds in this case).  If your test system is busy, it's
> entirely possible that these tests will fail, despite the (probable) fact
> that Kaffe is working fine.  The full list of tests that can fail this way
>, and
> Ross Patterson
> Computer Associates

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