java_lang_Object twice defined

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Thu Apr 19 12:23:56 PDT 2001

yewang at wrote:
> Hi, 
> When I cross-compile the kaffe, I met this error. Does someone know this?

That's very odd.  There shouldn't be a definition of Hjava_lang_Object
in java_lang_Object.h.  (Yes, that is a bit odd, but its true.)

Look at kaffe/kaffeh/support.c:startInclude().  It specifically skips
java_lang_Object and java_lang_Class because those have magical
definitions provided explicitly by hand, and do not have java fields.

You might nuke include/java_lang_Object.h and try re-running make on
it in that directory to see what the arguments to kaffeh are.  Then
you'll have to debug kaffeh for that test case (should be pretty


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