URLConnection with FTP protocol

Ito Kazumitsu ito.kazumitsu at hitachi-cable.co.jp
Thu Apr 26 00:10:28 PDT 2001

In message "URLConnection with FTP protocol"
    on 01/04/26, Ito Kazumitsu <ito.kazumitsu at hitachi-cable.co.jp> writes:

> which enable URLConnection with FTP protocol to work
> if system properties ftp.proxyHost and ftp.proxyPort
> are set.

> +	if ((url.getProtocol()).equals("ftp")) {
> +		proxyHost = System.getProperty("ftp.proxyHost");

> +			useProxy = true;

> +				proxyPort = Integer.parseInt(pp);

One thing I am worried about is that proxyHost, useProxy
and proxyPort are static.  Changing their values may
cause some trouble.

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