Kopi Version 1.5B Now Available

Thomas Graf graf at dms.at
Sat Aug 11 12:22:57 PDT 2001

Constantly aiming at providing its users with more effective
products, DMS Decision Management Systems is pleased to announce
the release of
    Version 1.5B of the Kopi Suite.

In this new version, our full-time engineers eliminated a large
number of bugs in order to more closely match the "Java Language
Specification Second Edition".

Here are the results of running Jacks on the latest version
of KJC (bootstrapped, client/server mode) :
  ikjc: Total 1860   Passed 1806   Skipped 15   Failed 39
  jacks ikjc  9.34s user 4.78s system 38% cpu 36.946 total
Environment :
  AMD Athlon 1 GHz
  RedHat GNU/Linux 7.1
  IBM JDK 1.3.0 (build cx130-20010329).

  August: Integration of Generic Types and Assertions
  September: Release of the long-awaited developer's guide for
      Visual Kopi including example applications as well as
      concrete support for users creating their own applications.

In order to improve the communication with our users, we have
set up the following mailing lists :
  Kopi-announce: for information about new releases.
  Kopi-users: for assistance when installing or using our
  Kopi-developers: for contributions to the further development
      of Kopi.

Kopi is available under the terms and conditions of the GNU
General Public License as published by the Free Software
Foundation. The latest version of the Kopi Suite is available
for download http://www.dms.at/kopi.

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