[ANNOUNCE] Porting Kaffe to a new platform

Edouard G. Parmelan egp at free.fr
Sun Aug 19 13:20:02 PDT 2001


    I had port JIT engine to Alpha Tru64 and GNU/Linux Alpha in the past
    and I know how it's difficult to understand correctly intrp and JIT
    engines with only sources as documentation.  I had write this document
    latter while I was porting intrp engine to Darwin (Mac OS X) operating
    system.  In the same time I was writing JIT back-end for PowerPC.

    If you find some bullets in this document, send an email to
    egp at free.fr.  All comments are welcome.  If you want to fix typo or
    grammar use SGML sources only and send me "diff -u" result.  Never
    fill-paragraph NOR reformat them.

This is the Preface of "Porting Kaffe to a new platform" the document I'm

Read working draft here http://egp.free.fr/port-kaffe/port-kaffe.html
Download SGML sources here: http://egp.free.fr/kaffe.

Edouard G. Parmelan

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