Two patches

Dalibor Topic robilad at
Thu Aug 30 04:28:11 PDT 2001

Hi Oskar,

--- Oskar Sandberg <oskar at> wrote:
> The first is a problem with BufferedReader, where
> fillOutBuffer() will
> reset the buffer position before reading, so if an
> exception is thrown
> during fillOutBuffer the next read will end up
> returning whatever was in
> the buffer previously (this pretty much only comes
> up when using an
> SoTimeout since most IOExceptions are terminal).
> It's a common bug I
> think, Microsoft's JREs seem to all the problem -
> though Kaffe's
> BufferedInputStream does not. 

Yeah, I see the bug. Your fix looks reasonable. I
didn't think about the possibility of the underlying
reader throwing an IOException when I factored out
that method. [It should also come up if the underlying
reader has been closed]

Dalibor Topic

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