IA-64 port

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Wed Dec 12 19:55:58 PST 2001

John R. Daily wrote:
> I put in a little more work, with little to show for it. GCDIAG
> didn't display anything, so I passed it -vmdebug all. A little
> _too_ much debugging information that way.

'all' is certainly too much.  You might try 
      '-vmdebug INIT,GCDIAG,EXCEPTION'

> I couldn't get the gcstate macro to fully print out any
> structures; I'm not sure if I'm giving it the wrong variables, or
> whether there's a pointer issue still hidden somewhere.

Hmm... looks like not all the GC debug macros were updated when the GC
header layout was changed.  Try changing the 2nd line of the macro
(set $gcBlock= ...)  to:
	set $gcBlock = &(((gc_block *)gc_block_base)[(((uintp) ($arg0)) - gc_heap_base)/gc_pgsize])

The block header you gave looks reasonable (one of the 327 possible
48 byte blocks on the page has been used).  At least, as long as
0x60000000000982c0 looks like a reasonable memory address to you.


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