kaffe porting

Kiran Kumar K kkksurya at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 5 20:06:08 PST 2001

Hi all,

I want to port kaffe to an embedded processor, which has a free-standing

I have the following queries regarding the feasibility of porting kaffe.

1) If data type sizes in the compiler do not have enough precision as
expected by the
java(for example long is 64 bits in java and there is no equivalent data
type in the c compiler)
then how to implement this extra precision.

2) If there is no malloc() support from the compiler/OS can we follow
some strategy to
manipulte the statically allocated memory?

3) If the file system support is not there providing some hooks in the
memory(with the
help of simulator) can kaffe be used to load ROM loaded class files.

4) Can we provide some alternative if posix compliant signals and
non-blocking i/o are
not present with the toolset.

5) If the DLL facility is not provided can we follow some strategy to
statically link
native methods? If so, will there be any security issues?

If anybody has some directive links for some/all the questions please do
help me.
has  anybody already ported kaffe to one such environment?

Best Regards,

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