Derek L Davies ddavies at ddavies.net
Thu Feb 22 07:21:23 PST 2001


Something like a year and half ago I was pretty actively trying to get
JVMDI into Kaffe.  Then I took a job with a startup.  I haven't had a
moment to work on JVMDI since (or to be with my family, etc...).

I do have some work from this effort that I can contribute.  I have
a pretty much complete jvmdi.h file and a bunch of changes to the
auto<blah> that allows the Makefiles to build the jvmdi client
library.  I also have a bunch of kludgy code that allows one to set a
breakpoint and (almost) step the code.  I also did some stuff with
the threads part of the API, but that's really preliminary.

The work was done against 1.0.6 and then at some point after that
merged against the CVS tree.  I can download from the CVS tree and
re-merge my stuff again if that would allow the work that I did to be

So if you guys want this you can have it.  If not, sorry I couldn't do
more.  It's a pleasure working on Kaffe!

ddavies at ddavies.net (aka ddavies at world.std.com)

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