Kaffe memory minimum

Javier Garcia jjggarroyo at yahoo.es
Tue Feb 27 00:46:07 PST 2001

Hi everybody. I'm still trying to install Kaffe in an
embedded system, with a lot of limitations of memory.
The goal is to have it using a total amount of dynamic
memory (included all the stacks and the binaries) of
around 5Mb. I have downloaded the last version, and I
have installed it with the next line to configure:

>>configure --enable-dependency-tracking
--with-engine=intrp --disable-debug
--disable-xprofiling --disable-xdebugging
--disable-feedback --without-profiling
--without-suncompat --without-x --without-stats

And I got a size of the binaries of 2.444 Mb. But the
'big' problem is the heap (because I think the other
two stacks (Java and native) are quite small). When I
try to execute some test programs with a maximum heap
size of 5 Mb (minimum heap size 5Mb also) I get a 'Out
of memory' error, so I haven't even tried to use a
smaller heap.  Anybody knows if it's possible to have
everything running with 5 Mb (binaries and stacks).
And if it's possible, how to do it? Thanks for all in
P.D. I have seen somewhere an option for configure:
--with-optimize-memory. I haven't tried it, I'll do
and I'll tell you.

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