Problems with BigDecimal

Sergey Voitseh svoitseh at
Tue Jan 30 06:57:53 PST 2001

     I've modify my test class now it is

import java.math.*;

public class Test
     public static void main (String[] args)
          BigDecimal bd1=new BigDecimal(new BigInteger("123"),1);
          System.out.println("bd befor = "+bd1.toString());
          bd1=bd1.add(new BigDecimal("10"));
          System.out.println("bd+10 = "+bd1.toString());
          bd1=bd1.multiply(new BigDecimal((double)10));
          System.out.println("bd*10 = "+bd1.toString());
          bd1=bd1.subtract(new BigDecimal((double)11));
          System.out.println("bd-11 = "+bd1.toString());
          bd1=bd1.divide(new BigDecimal((double)10),4);
          System.out.println("bd/10 = "+bd1.toString());

and it works both kaffe and jdk.

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