desktop or embedded version?

Jef Dodson jcdodson at
Mon Jul 16 12:01:39 PDT 2001

I am a Kaffe newbie, so please bear with me.  I have a project that involves 
writing a java application on an embedded computer running Linux.  Actually, 
the board is a PC/104 with a Pentium class cpu running at 233 MHz with 64 MB 
of memory, so it's really more of a desk top than an embedded computer!  
However, I need to get telemetry data at 8 HZ ( every 125 ms ) and ship it 
off to a client for display in real-time.  My question is, which version of 
Kaffe should I use?  Will the desktop version suffice, or do I need an 
embedded version?  What are the differences in the versions?  I'm kinda 
confused about this whole version thing.  If I understand things correctly, 
the embedded version is not free.  Is that right?  How does one find out 
more information about the different versions of Kaffe?  The websites ( and ) don't seem to have much info.  Thanks.


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