AWT on DOS platform

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From: Alexandre Oliva <oliva at>
Subject: Re: AWT on DOS platform
Date: 31 May 2001 01:33:27 -0300
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oliva> On May 29, 2001, "David Meggy" <david at> wrote:
oliva> > On this website is a
oliva> > description of AWT runnning on a platform (DOS) with Java running at
oliva> > a level just above the hardware, and a screenshot.  However when I
oliva> > downloaded kaffe, all I can find is win32 and X.  Where is this code
oliva> > that runs on DOS?
oliva> AFAIK, it was never integrated in the public version of Kaffe.  TVT
oliva> used to sell it commercially, but I heard it was dead a while ago.
oliva> Tim, please correct me if I'm mistaken.

There is one of not-yet-integrated variants, see

(But he use Xlib.)

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