Status of BeOS x86 kaffe

tpaoletti at tpaoletti at
Tue Jun 5 08:22:37 PDT 2001

Hi all

The same cleanroom conditions apply to my work
and we should check for the same with Sim Ijskes. 
After that, I don't see any barrier to merge back 
the AWT sources into the main CVS rep.

> It's good to hear that people are still around - I was a bit afraid 
> effort had been utterly deserted, but Duncan McQueen tells me it would 
> not be too much to reintegrate the Kaffe/BeKaffe trees, one way or the 
> other - I wasn't sure though whether BeKaffe had been permanently 
> splintered off from the kaffe tree for any reason such as cleanroom. 
> I'd like to contribute to either tree but wasn't going to take on 
> another solo effort :)

I don't think you will be alone, I have received a few offers
for help lately and I will redirect them to you.
BTW, if you want to manage the project on SourceForge, let me know
(for distribution and mailing lists, is still extremely convenient).

> *smiles* I think libtool has changed a lot since then, and while the 
> BeOS support still is far from final, it's not too far off. You *can* 
> however convince libtool to generate shared libraries (even with 
> external symbols) for BeOS with very little effort, but you still need 
> to explicitly add -l's for shared library dependencies to the libtool 
> link line. If I remember this rightly, libtool used to require that 
> anyway, but nobody seems to bother, I guess since neither static 
> libraries nor Linux-like need it. (Perhaps someone knows for 
> whether this is still benign - i.e. completely ignored - for 
> else, and if so, there'd be no harm adding the -l's to the libtool 
> lines in the makefile templates).

It looks benign to me, I have been using the same technique to build 
the native widgets AWT, which is composed only of shared libraries.

On another thread, what about starting a parallel Kaffe documentation
The simplest start would be to use doxygen-style comments throughout 
the VM and native libraries, and with help from the most knowledgeable
developers we could then elaborate from that...
just my 2 euros.

Bye, and have fun!

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