Can/How I disable threading?

Min Xu xu at
Wed Jun 20 19:31:50 PDT 2001

Cool! thank you for your pointers in the error message.
I have fixed the bug in the asm code I have written for
sysdepMethodCall function. Looks like the non-preemptive
threading CAN work without the signal support from the

Now, I got the following errors in the thread scheduling,
I suspect I have to change the "SP_OFFSET" for the
environment I am using. Anyone knows how can I get this

The following are the error I got:

jthread.c:1592: reschedule: Assertion `currentJThread == lastThread'

I also printed out which threads are trying to switch:

switch from 0x100d4038 to 0x1016a010
switch from 0x1016a010 to 0x100d4038
switchd from (nil) to 0x100d4038

And these two threads' info are dumped:

 sysctid 0x100d4038, status RUNNING flags NOSTACKALLOC DONTSTOP 
tid 0x1016a010, status RUNNING flags 
tid 0x1016a010, status SUSPENDED flags DONTSTOP 
 blocked at 0x10166378 (0x1016a010->|) tid 0x100d4038, status RUNNING flags

any clue?

Best regards,


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