assertion failure

Matthew Spencer mxs at
Fri Jun 22 03:10:06 PDT 2001

Hi all,
I am new to using Kaffe, and am tyring to get it working on an embedded
linux system based on a Strongarm processor.  The code compiles fine, but
I run into problems when trying to run a simple Hello World application.
I get an assertion in gcMalloc because the size requested is zero.  I have
checked out the archives of the mailing list and know that this problem is
known and has been fixed in the the version contained in CVS.
My problem is that sys-admin here are blocking all external accesses other
than through the ftp/httpd proxy so I cant get access to the CVS
repository, is there a more recent snapshot other than 1.0.6 i can get
access to?

Thanks for your time,

Matthew Spencer                  mxs at
Senior Engineer			 
Sony BPE			    01256 483394

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