How does/can jthread override blocking I/O calls on LinuxVR?

Nathan Meyers nmeyers at
Sun Mar 4 12:08:56 PST 2001


As I continue to work on building Kaffe for the Agenda PDA (like
PocketLinux, another LinuxVR platform), I've hit a point of major
confusion: I cannot see how blocking I/O calls from external libraries,
such as libX11.a, are replaced with corresponding calls to the jthread
library. I thought I understood: the entire application is built
statically linked and calls like select() and read() are "hijacked" by
locally defined versions - but the Kaffe build does no such thing. I'm
working with the source distributed through the PocketLinux project; is
there some build magic I'm missing?

Nathan Meyers
nmeyers at

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