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Steve Fernandez franline at
Fri Mar 9 18:25:35 PST 2001

"Edouard G. Parmelan" wrote:

> Steve Fernandez wrote:
> >        I obtained Kaffe version 1.0.5 (Java version 1.1) and Guavac
> >    version 1.2 from the Potato distribution of Debian (one which I am
> >    currently running). I installed them both. Normal applications in Java
> >    compile and run fine, Applets compile, but fail to run, displaying the
> >    following error message :-
> Kaffe-1.0.5 is an _old_ release, you should upgrade to 1.0.6 or better
> use the CVS Tree.
> You can fetch kaffe-1.0.6-1.1 from unstable
> but you need to download new version of kjc from
> >        steve at AMD~/Java#kaffe
> >
> >        java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ButtonTest/ java
> >            at java.lang.Throwable.<init>(
> >            at java.lang.Error
> >            at java.lang.LinkageError
> >            at java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
> >
> >        need I install any additional packages? Please do help.
> To run an applet, you must create an html file with <applet> tag.
> Then, run appletviewer foobar.html.
> --
> Edouard G. Parmelan

    Thanks for the URLs. I will take care of upgradation. I was able to
all my applets using a HTML file. As far as I know, there are three
methods to
run an applet;

1. Using an HTML file (as you have described)
2. Including the applet tag inside the .java file (as comments) and
3. Including the appled tag inside the .java file (as comments) and

    The first two methods work in Linux, and the third does not. But,
three methods work under Windoze!!!!! (Not that I like Windoze very
much, but
this has got nothing to do with Windoze, it must be a feature of the JDK

    Thanks for the help once again.


Steve Fernandez.
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