mips problems

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Thu Mar 22 09:56:01 PST 2001

mcmahill at mtl.mit.edu wrote:
> assertion "fidx < nrTypes && size != 0" failed: file
> "mem/gc-incremental.c", line 859

You might split that assert into two separate ones, so that its
clearer which one is blowing up.  I wouldn't be surprised if size was
zero because of some other failure in the system.  Send me a backtrace 
and I can give you some more hints...

> - are there other parts of kaffe i can test to see that at least something
>   is working right?

Does 'kaffe -fullversion' work?  That's really basic... :)  

Beyond that, the pre-compiled HelloWorld is pretty hard to beat.  I
guess you could remove the println(), that would avoid some stuff, but
still the bootstrap will pull in lots of Java code (lots of static
initializers get run before main).

> - any suggestions on how to start debugging this?

Configure with --enable-debug, and use the '-vmdebug' command line
option ('-vmdebug list' for help).  There are also a bunch of gdb
macros in developers/gdbinit.  (Though some are quite stale, and others
are x86-specific).

> Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hope this helps,


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