Kaffee compilation for Windows

Maxim Kizub M.Kizub at post.skynet.lt
Wed May 9 09:43:44 PDT 2001

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Hello Vaquette,

Wednesday, May 09, 2001, 4:36:11 PM, you wrote:

VR> Hello Maxim.

VR> I try to compile your porting of kaffee under Linux.
VR> It succeeded but I can't launch kaffee for any class. For
VR> "kaffe -classpath Klasses.zip;. Calc "
VR> fails (the program returns without doing anything).

VR> I tried to debug the code step by step, and it seemns that the
call to
VR> sysdepCallMethod fails (it does nothing).
VR> Do I have to use an ASM compiler?
VR> Do you have an idea?

First, I didn't test it under linux.

Second, your command line must be at least
"kaffe -classpath Klasses.zip:. Calc "

Third, I do not plan any work on my modifications
of kaffe (to be compiled with C++) until those
changes will be included into main CVS tree
(which looks to be impossible, since no one from
core kaffe team is intrested).
And even if they will include changes into CVS -
I'll not be able to spend a lot of time on it, since
I'm busy with EUVM project.

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