compiling kaffe for mips

Mark and Janice Juszczec juszczec at
Thu Nov 15 11:25:55 PST 2001

Hello all

I'm trying to compile kaffe 1.0.6 for a mips processor.  My build machine is 
a Compaq Presario 2266, i586 with RedHat 7.0 &
kernel 2.2.16-22.  I've got the binutils-mipsel-linux-2.8.1-2lv
cross compilation tools installed.

In the environment, I've defined:

export CC=/usr/bin/mipsel-linux-gcc
export LD=/usr/bin/mipsel-linux-ld
export NM=/usr/bin/mipsel-linux-nm
export AR=/usr/bin/mipsel-linux-ar
export RANLIB=/usr/bin/mipsel-linux-ranlib
export STRIP=/usr/bin/mipsel-linux-strip
export CXX=/usr/bin/mipsel-linux-gcc

I execute:

./configure --host=i386-linux

Ultimately, configure tells me:

checking whether byte ordering is bigendian... configure: error: cannot run 
test program while cross compiling

What can I do about this?

juszczec at

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