error when system.load()

Dorothy Wu dorothy21cn at
Fri Nov 30 01:01:12 PST 2001

I met a problem when I use JNI.

I wrote two shared libraries (c/c++).
Then I used them in my c/c++ application.
Everything is Ok, my c/c++ application can use these libraries.

But when I use it in kaffe by JNI,
Only one library can load, another can never loaded by System.load().
Error is:
"UnsatisfiedLinkError: file not found."

I have checked the path, everything is OK.
The difference between these two libraries is,  the latter do not link any library.
The link command is:
"ld -shared --whole-archive x.o y.o -o"
I do not think it is the reason why I can not load it.

But why, it is a bug of System.load()?


Stock Wu

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