Kaffe-binaries for Win32

Andrew Markebo flognat at flognat.myip.org
Sun Oct 14 23:53:27 PDT 2001

/ "Harold Hunt" <huntharo at msu.edu> wrote:
| Gerrit,
| > So would someone be so kind to tell me why it
| > doesn't work, please?
| Not without some sort of excerpt from the build log.  We don't read minds,
| and we don't download and build every package that someone has trouble
| compiling.  It is safe for you to assume that no one here as has any
| experience with the specific library to which you refer, therefore, you've
| got to give us something to work with.

I sent him my fav. tip in questions like this ('missing symbols'),
check where the '-lX11' &co. is thrown at the linker, put them at the
end, and he answered cryptically, happy, so I assume that that was the

One more application having problems with the order of switches for
linkage, could it be a problem from cygwin/cygwin xfree/kaffe config?


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