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Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Mon Oct 29 13:34:24 PST 2001

> I saw that FAQ but it sounded a little obscure.. "cross language
> debugging support".. not sure what it meant. it sounded like cross
> compilers.

It means Java + C debugging at the same time.  

Most debugging support in Kaffe can best be described as a hack (or a
bunch of hacks), and most of it is targetted at VM developers not Java
developers.  The Kaffe VM doesn't support the JVMDI interface.

> the FAQ says it handles source files/line numbers but does not
> support symbol tables.

Where?  It doesn't use the debugging info included in the .class file,
but instead is built from the information the VM maintains about each
class/method.  However, variable locations and type disassembly
information isn't generated in a way that GDB can parse it. (Look at
the pobject macro in developers/gdbinit to accomplish that.)

> so I am starting to wonder if kaffe just isnt debugger
> friendly. does anyone use a debugger w/kaffe? I turned up a big gdb
> script on the net somewhere.

Look at developers/gdbinit.  There are a bunch of GDB macros for
inspecting various java-level constructs from GDB.  This is probably
not what you want either.

> I also cant figure out why it comes with "jdb" apparently
> exactly the same as the sun version. (the man
> pages are the same). running jdb that comes
> with kaffe (redhat 7.1), I get this error msg
> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: sun/tools/ttydebug/TTY
> 	at java.lang.Class.forName(
> 	at java.lang.Class.forName(

You might try it with Sun's class files?  I have no idea if that would
work with Kaffe.


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