JRE file layout for 1.0.7?

Mark and Janice Juszczec juszczec at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 1 08:03:02 PST 2002


I'm all for it.  That way, I can have Sun's JDK coresident with Kaffe.
It may sound like anathema, but my bosses kinda prefer it that way ;-)


>From: "Jim Pick" <jim at kaffe.org>
>Reply-To: kaffe at rufus.w3.org
>To: <kaffe at rufus.w3.org>
>Subject: JRE file layout for 1.0.7?
>Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 09:14:28 -0800
>I want to minimize the number of changes for 1.0.7, in order to minimize 
>amount of surprises and I don't want to introduce new instabilities.
>But I would like to change the way the the files are installed when doing
>"make install".  Instead of installing it by default in /usr/local/bin,
>/usr/local/lib, /usr/local/include, etc., I'd like to have the default
>install put everything in /usr/local/kaffe, in a JRE-style layout.  That
>way, people could just set JAVA_HOME to point there, and use it instead of 
>regular JDK or JRE.  Plus I've always disliked how the kaffe install places
>those "java" and "javac" wrappers in /usr/local/bin.  Also, I've been bit a
>few times by kaffe versions I've been working on accidentally dynamically
>loading the kaffe.org libs installed in /usr/local/lib instead of the libs 
>Is anybody opposed to this?  It is breaking with tradition somewhat, and
>it's for the upcoming release, so I figured it would be best to ask.  It'll
>also impact the Debian and RPM packages.
>  - Jim

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