Mark Wielaard mark at
Mon Apr 1 15:06:16 PST 2002


On Tue, 2002-04-02 at 00:38, Patrick Tullmann wrote:

> Anyone know of open-source implementations of the new java.util.prefs
> API that could be used with (or incorporated into) Kaffe?

I wrote one last year for GNU Classpath, it can be found in CVS or I can
send you the source files. It is based on a beta version of the API
though. And I have currently no time to work on it.

> I haven't the time to do it from scratch, but could do some work to
> integrate it into Kaffe.
> If anyone's looking for a medium-size project to do, the
> java.util.prefs API is nicely documented, and fairly well contained
> (except for the bit about XML exports).

The bit about XML exports is precisely the part that is not implemented
yet :)

I have CCed Mark Anderson who has recently tried to use the package in
his own project. I can also forward his remarks about the current
implementation and the bugs he found.



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