another Kaffe project idea

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Tue Apr 2 23:44:03 PST 2002

Here's a relatively small Kaffe project that could be added to the
projects page:

Clean up Kaffe's command line.
       - Put some of the funkier options behind '-X'.  
       - Support classpath and "bootclasspath" as separate concepts.
 	(Supporting more levels of classpath than Sun's VM might be
	nice: so that the core stuff is on one classpath and
	less-core-relevant things like java.util.prefs or other 
	Classpath libraries are findable, still separate from
	app-level classpath.)
       - Make it easy to add new -X options.
       - Accept (and probably ignore) some newer common options (like
       the silly -client and -server).
       - Make sure the never-used, hardly-documented ~/.kafferc works
       or is completely gone.


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