[kaffe] Linking problem with gmp

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Sun Apr 28 14:56:14 PDT 2002

For future reference, if you get problems linking Kaffe statically
like this:

/usr/lib/libgmp.a(get_str.o): In function `mpz_get_str':
get_str.o(.text+0xed): undefined reference to `__mpn_get_str'

(plus a bunch of other __mpn_* missing references).

The fix is to upgrade your libgmp installation.  My Debian box seemed
to have an old libgmp.a, but more recent .so and header files for
libgmp.  So 'apt-get install'ing libgmp2 libgmp2-dev fixed the problem
for me.

I expect that this is a Debian-specific problem.


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