Thanks, works! (was RE: [kaffe] Problem while compiling Kaffe for Interpreting)

Satrajit Chatterjee satrajit at
Sun Apr 28 23:30:42 PDT 2002

> If you want to compile kaffe for interpreter mode, the
> easiest way to do it is to configure it with the
> interpreter engine. Run ./configure --help in kaffe
> source directory for more information on how to do it.

  Yep, this works great.

> > > PS: I am trying to get a trace of the actual byte
> > codes executed
> > > (and memory references) and using the debugging
> > feature of
> > > Kaffe's interpreter seemd like the best way. Does
> > anyone know of
> > > any simpler way?
> You should also configure kaffe with debugging
> enabled. Then run your program with the option
> -vmdebug list to see what debugging options are
> available. In your case I recommend taking a look at
> the INT_* options, like  INT_INSTR.
> If your program is crashing somewhere, then running
> kaffe a debugger is a much better way to find out what
> is going on. Read FAQ/FAQ.debugging and
> developers/gdbinit

  No, its not a program crashing :-) I need to get a trace to drive a trace
driven simulator for a hypothetical java processor that we're working on.

  Thanks for your help.


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