[kaffe] [patch] java.lang.reflect merge with pocketlinux kaffe

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 29 02:18:38 PDT 2002


I've created a patch that merges the good parts of
pockelinux kaffe's implementation of the
java.lang.reflect package with kaffe.org's tree. So
you might ask: Why would we want to do it?

* It moves a lot of code from C libraries to Java
libraries, making it easier to comprehend & hack on
for occassional bug fixing.

* It makes the codebase cleaner, as array out of
bounds exceptions, for example, are handled
automatically by the VM, and need not to be
specifically checked against in the C code.

you tell me ;)

I'd like to see it tested on as many systems as
possible, since it touches very sensitive parts of the
libraries. I'm looking forward to your bug reports.


dalibor topic

P.S: no detailed ChangeLog entry this time, as it is
just "merged with pocketlinux kaffe, with a couple of
value widening fixes to pocketlinux codebase".

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