[kaffe] Problems with class loader and jthreads

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 5 03:49:26 PDT 2002


I've written a patch that lets SystemClassLoader
extend from URLClassLoader and adds limited (just
CodeSources without certificates) ProtectionDomain
handling to class loading. It lets the bootstrap class
loader take care of classes in java and kaffe
packages, while using SystemClassLoader to load the

Trivial programs work, but compiling classes from our
regression tests suite crashes with my patch with:

slowLockMutex(**lkp=0x84a5be8, where=0xbfffb9d8,
  getHeavyLock(**lkp=0x84a5be8, *lk=0xbfffc0dc,
    got new lock
kaffe-bin: jthread.c:1181: jthread_disable_stop:
Assertion `currentJThread->stopCounter < 10' failed.

The assert has an associated commented : 
/* XXX Shouldn't recurse that much... ever...
hopefully. */
                assert(currentJThread->stopCounter <

As I have no experience hacking on jthreads, I'm
wondering if someone could explain me what
jthread_disable_stop is used for, what it has to do
with recursion, and what a possible source for the
recursion could be?

thanks for any suggestions,

dalibor topic

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