[kaffe] Server move in progress

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Mon Aug 5 15:20:28 PDT 2002


Transvirtual's co-lo facility is being shutdown tonight, so we're in the
progress of moving everything to a new server.

The good news is that I've built a new server machine (thanks to
Berkeley Signal, Inc. for the hardware), and communitycolo.net has
offered to colocate it (in about a week).  Until then, it's going to be
hosted on a DSL line.  In the meantime, Mark Garey has offered to
provide ftp/http service from his co-lo box so we don't saturate the DSL

You may see some disruptions in service - hopefully we'll have
everything straightened out in 24 hours.  It's possible that we might
lose a few emails, cvs commits, subscription/unsubscription requests,
mailing list posts in the archives, do to synchronization issues while
we do the move, so it would be great if everybody held tight until we're


 - Jim

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