[kaffe] unix-pthreads accept timeout

Mathieu Dube mdube at 8d.com
Tue Aug 6 11:50:38 PDT 2002

	Im not sure this was a bug or just that Im doing something wrong but in 
kaffe/kaffevm/systems/unix-pthreads/syscalls.c the function jthreadedAccept 
assumes that the fd is O_NONBLOCK. If the fd is blocking the function will 
not go passed the accept syscall and thus never reach the BREAK_IF_LATE macro.
	So what I did is to check if the socket is blocking or not, if its not I let 
it go through the original loop if its blocking I put the fd in a select and 
use the timeout in a timeval struct.
	I attached my modified syscalls.c to this mail

Mathieu Dube -- mdube at 8d.com
8D Technologies Inc.
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