[kaffe] Apologies for the slow server connection...

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Fri Aug 9 13:59:45 PDT 2002


The server seems to be pretty stable.  But the DSL line that it is on
was just installed, and is somewhat flakey.  It's supposed to be 768kbps
upstream, but we're only getting around 100kbps before things get ugly
(plus it only works if the phone is left off the hook, which is very
weird).  A trouble ticket has been filed with the DSL company, but it
might take awhile before the thing is fixed (it's through Speakeasy, but
somehow Worldcom, Covad and SBC Pac Bell are involved).  In the
meantime, I've limited the bandwidth on the server to 64kbps in order
not to monopolize the whole connection.

This doesn't affect the ftp site, but does affect the website, cvs, and
mailing list.

The DSL line is just a temporary measure until communitycolo.net is
finished moving to their new location, and I move the server there
(hopefully in the next week or two).  

So if you think cvs checkouts are slow - you know why.  Please use -z9
when checking out.  :-)


 - Jim

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