[kaffe] Re: OutOfMemoryError

Arne Woerner woerner at mediabase-gmbh.de
Tue Aug 13 04:34:43 PDT 2002

I would like to make some updates...

> The SUN JDK has another problem: It is unwilling to allocate more than free
> physical memory (I think the SUN java vm memory cannot be swapped). I wish I
> could use a lot of memory (for example the whole virtual memory (4GB or so)).
This was not quite true. I used a linux box that had very few swap space. In
fact the "SUN JDK virtual machine" on the linux box behaved quite similar to
the "KAFFE virtual machine": the pages of the process have been swapped in and
out and it was rather slow...

> In a similar setting the executable produced by GCC (version 2.95.3) crashed
> the system (OpenBSD 3.1 (GENERIC kernel)). :)
It was not really a crashed kernel but a denial of service due heavy swapping


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