[kaffe] memory management / gc

Arne Woerner woerner at mediabase-gmbh.de
Thu Aug 15 10:03:05 PDT 2002


I have a new problem: :-)
What does the statistic in the appendix mean? It says that there are 82.8% of
22528KB free???
1. But when I try to allocate 22 100000B arrays it says that it has a
   memory error...
2. But 3879KB of 22528KB are much less than 17.2%.

Can somebody explain me this statistics, please?
Can somebody tell me hoe I could use the memory more efficient, please?


<GC: heap 22528K, total before 3879K, after 3879K (104422/104422 objs)
 82.8% free, alloced 8K (#7), marked 2822K, swept 0K (#0)
 0 objs (0K) awaiting finalization>
Memory statistics:
    j.l.String: Nr    285  Mem     11K     other-nowalk: Nr      4  Mem      0K
  obj-no-final: Nr    169  Mem      5K      prim-arrays: Nr    297  Mem     26K
    ref-arrays: Nr     13  Mem    641K        j.l.Class: Nr    176  Mem     22K
     obj-final: Nr  90013  Mem   2109K    java-bytecode: Nr   1075  Mem     38K
     exc-table: Nr     73  Mem      3K          jitcode: Nr    446  Mem    152K
   static-data: Nr     59  Mem      1K        constants: Nr    157  Mem     93K
   other-fixed: Nr   8823  Mem    320K           dtable: Nr    143  Mem     10K
       methods: Nr    153  Mem    195K           fields: Nr     89  Mem     10K
    utf8consts: Nr   2174  Mem    103K       interfaces: Nr     82  Mem      1K
         locks: Nr      0  Mem      0K     thread-ctxts: Nr      8  Mem     48K
       gc-refs: Nr    177  Mem      4K    jit-temp-data: Nr      6  Mem     79K

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