[kaffe] assertion failed, kaffe-bin core dump

Greg Wooledge greg at wooledge.org
Wed Aug 28 15:26:13 PDT 2002

I'm running Kaffe 1.0.7 on OpenBSD 3.1 (i386).  I'm using it to run
Freenet.  My Freenet node was running along happily for a few days,
then it crashed this morning, with this message:

assertion "FD_ISSET(i, &readsPending)" failed: file "jthread.c", line 1748

It left a core file behind, with the following stack trace:

#0  0x400fa557 in kill ()
#1  0x400fa468 in abort ()
#2  0x400b5917 in __assert ()
#3  0x40060fe5 in handleIO (sleep=1) at jthread.c:1748
#4  0x40060e99 in reschedule () at jthread.c:1685
#5  0x4005f94b in suspendOnQThread (jtid=0xcfa010, queue=0x1132b58, timeout=0)
    at jthread.c:802
#6  0x400616c8 in jcondvar_wait (cv=0x1132b58, lock=0x1132b50, timeout=0)
    at jthread.c:1988
#7  0x4003d6f9 in _waitCond (lkp=0x36f54a4, timeout=0) at ksem.h:87
#8  0x401555d6 in java_lang_Object_wait0 (o=0x36f54a0, timeout=0)
    at Object.c:96
#9  0x5ab43b in ?? ()
#10 0x7e55a6 in ?? ()
#11 0xa23f16 in ?? ()
#12 0x222335 in ?? ()
#13 0x7cb0b8 in ?? ()
#14 0x40045196 in callMethodV (meth=0x6b2060, func=0x7cb010, obj=0x36f54a0, 
    args=0xd01f94 "wZ\004@`", ret=0xd01bfc) at ../../config/i386/common.h:38
#15 0x40035dd9 in Kaffe_CallVoidMethodV (env=0x40071bf0, obj=0x36f54a0, 
    meth=0x6b2060, args=0xd01f94 "wZ\004@`") at jni.c:1069
#16 0x40035e48 in Kaffe_CallVoidMethod (env=0x40071bf0, obj=0x36f54a0, 
    meth=0x6b2060) at jni.c:1083
#17 0x40045fc3 in firstStartThread (arg=0x36f54a0) at thread.c:356
#18 0x400604c4 in start_this_sucker_on_a_new_frame () at jthread.c:1252
#19 0x400605e2 in jthread_create (pri=8700568, 
    func=0x400600ca <jthread_enable_stop+14>, daemon=1074200672, jlThread=0x0, 
    threadStackSize=9239040) at jthread.c:1322

The actual command in my node's start script is:

nohup java freenet/node/Main &

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