[kaffe] Re: [tritonus-user] Tritonus on kaffe

Patrick Tullmann tullmann@cs.utah.edu
Mon, 9 Dec 2002 11:59:24 -0700

Dalibor wrote:
> I'm trying to get kaffe's build system to work with autoconf 2.56 &
> automake 1.7.1 as well as libtool from CVS. If all goes well, I hope
> to have something to check in by the end of the week.

I'd be wary of upgrading the autoconf and configure requirements for
Kaffe, simply because you'll reduce the number of folks willing and
able to deal with rebuilding Kaffe's build infrastructure even further.

Also, its not clear to me why Kaffe's build system needs to be
upgraded to build third-party libraries.  Shouldn't this library be
buildable/linkable without being part of Kaffe's build system?


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