[kaffe] $KAFFESRC/libraries/javalib/rebildLib is using the cross compiled kaffe-bin

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 5 05:02:09 PST 2002

--- Sanjeev Manral <sanjeevm at sanyo.co.in> wrote:
> hi all,
> I am cross cimpiling kaffe-qt-awt
> $KAFFESRC/libraries/javalib/rebildLib is using the
> cross compiled kaffe-bin,
> which can not run on X86 PC. and giving cannot
> excute kaffe-bin
> Is there any option which sets
> $KAFFESRC/libraries/javalib/rebildLib to use
> kaffe-bin which is build for x86?

The simplest solution is to use jikes 1.13, as class
files produced by later versions of jikes and kaffe
have problems working together. configure with
--with-jikes=yes if jikes is in your path, or
--with-jikes=path-to/jikes .

If you have problems using jikes, first install kaffe
on your host system, and then use its kjc to compile
the class library. How to do it is described in

best regards,

dalibor topic

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