jikes 1.17 bug (Was: Re: [kaffe] Some patches to use jikes)

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Fri Dec 6 08:57:02 PST 2002


On Fri, 2002-12-06 at 16:56, Hervé Roussain wrote:
> It seems to be a jikes bug. But it is also a gcj bug (after a comment in 
> SocketImpl.java & DatagramSocketImpl.java in classpath's source) that 
> classpath solve by redeclarations of "setOption" and "getOption" methods 
> in the 2 mentioned classes.
> If you decide to do the same thing than in GNU Classpath, don't forget 
> the DatagramSocketImpl (it has the same problem but this is not shown 
> with regression tests).

How interesting that this issue suddenly pops up in every VM
implementation at the same time. It is actually a bug in the VM that is
triggered by the fact that older byte code compilers added extra methods
to abstract classes when they implemented interfaces but didn't declare
the methods. It was workaround for old Sun VMs, but since Sun fixed the
bug in their VM the "workaround" is no longer emitted by compilers.

You can find more info at:




And yes, I just tested the Kissme VM and it seems to have the same issue



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