[kaffe] Re: [tritonus-user] Tritonus on kaffe

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Mon Dec 9 20:07:05 PST 2002

Hey Dalibor,

I didn't realize Tritonus provided part of JDK1.4 compatibility.  I
see why you're trying to get it into the tree.  Any chance there is a
simple hacky fix to kaffe's libtool to get it to link c++ correctly?

> We could wait until the *BSDs, Linux distributions and
> the rest of the world agree to ship automake > 1.7 and
> autoconf > 2.56 and then upgrade our build scripts
> because they break with latest versions. Or we could
> do it now, and live with an even smaller set of build
> system developers. I don't think that either option is great.

Heh, "not great": that's the story of autoconf....

Since I think we're going to get bitten whatever we do, I think we
should probably be doing more to reduce the need for developers to
re-build Makefiles and configure.  For example, the change proposed a
while ago to remove the list of java sources from the Makefiles would
be a really good step.  I can work on that a bit unless someone else
already has it working...

I imagine doing something similar for the extensions library is a bit
too much (since libtool has to do linking of the generated objects).
Any other ideas?  Anyone else find themselves running
developers/autogen too much?


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