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Tue Dec 10 08:06:42 PST 2002

Hi Puncello,

--- Puncello Concetta <puncello_rs at libero.it> wrote:
> > Dear sir,
> >
> >             i have a big problem:
> >
> >             In kaffepc version 10b3 running on a
> IBM 486 SLC2 the emulator
> > of FPU (EMU387.DXE) is not running correctly.
> >             When i launch a jar program with the
> command : KAFFE
> prova.jar,
> > there is a message which said:
> >
> >             Exiting due to signal SIGSEGV
> EIP=00060B3B
> >
> >             Where is the problem??
> >
> > Can you help me?

The kaffe-pc code has not been merged into the
kaffe.org tree yet, and it would be very cool if we
had a volunteer to do so. Kaffe has progressed and
matured quite a bit since 1.0b3. 1.0b3 came out a few
years ago, as far as I know.

If you're willing to try to port the latest release to
MSDOS, I'd have a few suggestions where to start. You
should take a look at the kaffePC sources, as well as
the pocketlinux sources in kaffe's CVS. Get a current
DJGPP installation, including the shell & utilities,
so you can build kaffe on MSDOS. And then you'd
probably have to hack a bit in the config/ and
kaffe/kaffevm/systems directory to include suport for
msdos, and kaffe's threads for msdos. I believe that
KaffePC and pocketlinux both have code for that. 

It would be mostly merging work, I guess. It would be
great if you could bring MSDOS support into the
kaffe.org tree.

You could also try running your installation of kaffe
through gdb and seeing if you can spot the bug. Read
FAQ/FAQ.debugging if it exists in 1.0b3 sources on
more information on how to go about debugging. 

But in general, you'd be better off trying to profit
from the ton of bugfixes that happened in the last few
years, and merging the MSDOS port with the current

best regards,

dalibor topic

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