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Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 15 15:19:05 PST 2002

--- Matthias Pfisterer <matthias.pfisterer at web.de>
> Dalibor Topic wrote:
> > Hallo Matthias,
> > 
> > --- Matthias Pfisterer <matthias.pfisterer at web.de>
> > wrote:
> > My fix for this is to use libtool from current CVS
> and
> > upgrade out build scripts to latest auto* tools.
> There
> > are some issues in going that way, mainly
> increasing
> > the bar for build system developers, and having to
> fix
> > all the bugs in the build scripts exposed by the
> > upgrade.
> > 
> > Of course, if the libraries could be switched to
> plain
> > old C, that would make my life much easier, I
> hope.
> > What is the HandleFieldHandler class used for?
> I've switched back to C in the directories
> src/lib/esd, src/lib/alsa, 
> src/lib/common and src/lib/cdparanoia. This should
> do it for the moment. 
> Note that the inner class issue with the ALSA
> classes is still pending.

Great! I'll look at kaffeh in order to see where the
bug is, and I hope to be able to post a new
tritonus-merge-patch by end of the week.
> It is no longer necessary to build a library in
> ../common/. I'm now 
> linking the (single, small) object file to any
> library in the other 
> directories. This is to simplify installation.

You could turn the helper functions in common.c into
static __inline__ functions in common.h. Then you
would not have to link anything accross directories.

> The cooked_ioctl directory contains code to read CDs
> using the Linux 
> "cooked ioctl" interface. As it is superseeded by
> the cdparanoia based 
> implementation, it is no longer maintained. I keep
> it as an example of 
> how to structure simple CDDA reading on other
> operating systems.

I'll leave it out for kaffe then.

> gsvorbis contains an incomplete interface to the ogg
> vorbis encoder. It 
> is not assumed to work.

I'll leave out the gvorbis interface for now, as well.
I'm more interested into getting the basic javax.sound
implementation to work, and then taking the next step,
and eventually merge in additional providers from

> lame contains, well, an interface to LAME, an mp3
> encoder. I suggest to 
> leave it out. All open source implementations of mp3
> encoders are 
> illegal, as well as all open source implementations
> of mp3 decoders. We 
> keep it because it is requested quite often and no
> open source developer 
> or entity was sued so far. But I think it's best to
> not proliferate it 
> further. ogg vorbis is a viable alternative gaining
> market share 
> rapidly, and of better quality. The only drawback is
> that it is not yet 
> integreted into Java Sound.

Yeah, I'll leave mp3 out for all the good reasons.
Jorbis might be interesting, but I haven't played
extensively with it yet. I think having gorbis as the
default Ogg provider, and Jorbis as second choice if
the ogg tools don't work would be the way to go for
kaffe, when I've merged in the basic functionality.

thanks for the quick replies and great work so far,

dalibor topic

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