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Matthias Pfisterer matthias.pfisterer at web.de
Thu Dec 19 23:59:55 PST 2002

Matthias Pfisterer wrote:
> Dalibor Topic wrote:
>> My other problem is that libtritonusalsa needs javah
>> to run on some Alsa* inner classes. I can't seem to
>> get the $-character properly quoted in the Makefile.am
>> file, and I'm not even sure kaffe's javah properly
>> supports them anyway. If the inner classes could be
>> moved into proper classes of their own, that would let
>> me add support for ALSA in a much easier fashion.
> Removing these inner classes is on the TODO list, too. I noticed that 
> there is no real benefit from using inner classes. Data hiding has to be 
> violated anyway. (For instance, m_lNativeHandle in AlsaPcm.HWParams has 
> to be package visible instead of private.) So I agree to changing the 
> inner classes. Please tell me if this is high priority.
> (And I think the bug in javah has to be fixed anyway.)

I've fixed this now, too. You have to update the following directories:
- src/lib/alsa
- src/org/tritonus/lowlevel/alsa
- src/org/tritonus/sampled/mixer/alsa

As my system currently is only partly working, I wasn't able to check if 
Tritonus still runs with the changes. I was only able to compile and 
link. Maybe I forgot to change some method name, which will be detected 
at run-time. So if you get obscure problems, it may well be my fault.


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