problem while building kaffe on CYGWYN

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Sun Jan 6 23:47:10 PST 2002 - instructions for building kaffe on cygwin (they worked for me) - binaries of kaffe for w32, cygwin compiled

The binaries are not for production use. They are just for curious people who want to check if they are able to compile it with cygwin. However they DON'T work. They could start and execute simple programs but they will fail on more complex one. AWT is not supported. Tested on WinNT - i don't know wheather it works on win98, ME, 2K .. etc.

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  Subject: problem while building kaffe on CYGWYN

  When i have used Kaffe 'make' in CYGWIN environment to build kaffe i am getting no. of parse errors. like 
  problem in winnt.h etc.

  if anybody has build kaffe on CYGWYN environment please help me what changes you  made.



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