[kaffe] Kaffe 1.0.7-rc1 / test results

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 1 03:08:32 PDT 2002

Hi Carsten,
--- Carsten Ziepke <kieltux at varspool.net> wrote:

> Fonts are much better than with Sun Java ( 1.31 )
> and speed is also
> much better...
> "Starting Speed" WidgetsDemo ( both 3rd try ):
> Kaffe 1.0.7-rc1: 0.98 seconds
> Sun Java 1.31: 5.53 seconds 

that sounds cool.

> What else can I do ? 

You could hack on the VM (written in C). Or you could
hack on the libraries (written in Java and C). You
could bring new life into the kaffe benchmarking
effort. You could test applications on our
compatibility page and report failures and successes.
You could test applications of interest to you and
report if and how well they work. You could port kaffe
to new platforms. You could run mauve tests regularly,
or extend the FullTest.sh script to add mauve checks.
You could do some work on the web pages. You could try
to make a kaffe kernel cousin. You could write
documentation. You could compile documentation
scattered on the web and referenced on the mailing
list. You could help merging some code back into kaffe
(from JanosVM and pocketlinux). You could come up with
something you want to do with kaffe.

There are many opportunities, and new contributors are
always welcome.

best regards,

dalibor topic

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