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Fri Jul 5 09:09:54 PDT 2002

--- Jim Pick <jim at> wrote:

I'd like to add the fixes from janos VM to the list of
merges. The changes to libraries have been merged in,
with the changes to the core vm remaining to be
merged. Most prominent remaining fixes to merge from
there are for the zip/jar file handling.

> * PocketLinux Kaffe merge
>   - There was a lot of good stuff that Transvirtual
> released as part of
>     their PocketLinux version of Kaffe.  For
> example, they had an AWT
>     that ran on the framebuffer, as well as various
> changes to the core
>     vm and JITs for MIPS and ARM that worked quite
> well, as well as
>     ports to several proprietary RTOSes.  I'd like
> to migrate some of
>     that work into our version.

On the library side on things, pocketlinux has quite a
few fixes to AWT libs that will get in eventually.
It's not high priority on my list, so if anyone wants
to have a go at it, drop me an email, and I'll give
you some advice where to start.

I've merged small parts of pocketlinux's java libs
into tree already, but a lot of work remains
and I could use some help.

> * More ports
>   - There are a lot of ports and patches that
> haven't been merged in
>     yet.  I've got patches for SH and MIPS in my
> queue, and there are
>     more exotic things like CRIS out there.  Plus
> there's a lot of
>     bitrot that needs fixing, and some architectures
> that have working
>     interpreters could use a JIT.  I'd like to see
> the Windows CE port
>     go in, plus BeOS, and some of the RTOS's from
> the PocketLinux
>     version.  It would be nice to see pthreads
> brought up to the same
>     level as jthreads - maybe we could get some
> better interoperability
>     with JNI code written for other VMs in that
> case.

I'd like to add Darwin on intel to that list, which
should be an ideal platform for a novice to port the
jit to: there are many other working i386 ports, and
there is a darwin port for powerpcs already. There is
also some qiute nice documentation from Edouard G.
Parmelan on his website on how to port Kaffe to a new


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